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OMG, I miss Amy.... and it hurts so much...
I ask myself if I could've done something to help her or I just think about how I want to change the past.
Sorry, but it just kicks in from time to time. I'm in a whole new environment and I have no time to think about everything that has happened, but sometimes... I just sit here and cry, because I wanna have her back so much...
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As I've expected only one person commented on my last post. Thanx Fussel <3 However, I know I've been absent for too long and some people have already de-friended me. But I don't care. I want to use my LJ as a diary during my stay in Australia. Maybe some people are interested in it.
As far as my fandoms are concerned... I don't listen to asian music anymore. I just stopped doing it and I don't have the intention to change that. At the moment I'm into RHCP, Volbeat, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Muse and many others. Feel free to delete me from your list if you think that we have nothing in common anymore and therefore should not be friends.

Some things have changed while I've been absent:
- my girlfriend and I have a new and BIG flat
- we have a dog named Amy and she is 5 months old atm
- I'm about to start my diploma thesis
- I've started taking Psychology classes
- I have a part-time job which I really like (and my boss is a very good friend of mine XD)

And many other things XDDD But those are the most important ones I guess...
Oh, and I promise to start commenting again :D
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Kind of XD

Happy New Year!!!

This year will be a very exciting one as I will be in Australia for 6 months. I'm looking forward to it :D

New Years Resolutions:
- Posting more often, especially when I'm in Australia
- loose more weight
- celebrate life :D
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OMFG... please get yourself a life XD
It doesn't hurt me and I'm not angry or sth like that. I'm so damn amused by the fact that your life seems to be so empty that you have to talk bad about mine X3
It gives me more self-esteem and I'm glad about that. I love my life at the moment, I have the best girlfriend I can imagine and soon we're together for six months. I don't think about my past anymore and I won't start thinking about it again. It's over. So please do yourself a favor and also leave the past behind and start your own life.
Wish you all the best ^^
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Uwargh... I nearly cut off the tip of my finger, so I can't write much XD
I'm in the middle of exam week and I have the feeling that I'm going to mess up my exam today. But I don't care. The weather is... I hate it T-T I hope it's better next week ^^

I love it <333
(It's the song Andrea and me are totally into right now <3)

UWAAARGH... my exam is.. .soon... panic... PANIC!!!!! XDDD
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I am so drunk XDDD
Why? Our day was full of shit so we decided to drink... I LOVE YOU ALL XD''' (*drop* XD)

Ich: Scheiße, wir haben nur noch zwei Eier...
René: So wie ich ^^
Iris und ich: *WAHAHAHAHAH*
René: O_O ... ich meine, in meinem Kühlschrank...

Das is unser Niveau im Moment... jaha XD
Wir schaun jetzt Queer as Folk, YESH XD

And I have to pass the theoretical driving licence on thursday... AND I DON'T KNOW HOW *HAHAHHAA*
Maybe I'm too stupid? XD'''

Bye XD
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I'm pissed. Words can't describe how pissed I really am -.-"
Anyways, I'm sorry for not commenting lately, but I haven't been at home the last two days. I needed time for myself. I joined two parties, got terribly drunk and had fun. At least until I got home, but that's another story -.-"
Well, I will be online again tomorrow, because today Koki is coming over to my place. Thank goodness, because otherwhise I will get crazy XDDD Then I will write a review of the last two days, because... A LOT happened.
And marlenem? Something 'happened' to your letter _._ I post the 'new version' tomorrow with an explanation. Sorry T-T Normally it doesn't take that long *drop*
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So, next week I will be back completely... next weekend to be exact. Because I have no internet anymore at the students hostel... how funny _._ I really wanna know how I should make it through the week T-T
But I have to set priorities. I can't waste my money on things I don't necessarily need. I don't have much money T-T And I leave the students hostel soon anyway, so it's a real waste.
Hrm... yepp, I don't feel well and I have to work tomorrow again, so I guess I will go to bed ._.
Ah, and I realized how much I hate it to be mentioned in guestbook entries or LJ entries instead of talking to me (I'm speaking of emo or problem entries). Or at least set it private or... whatever. Yes, it's okay that people who don't even know me have strange thoughts about me, only because they don't know me and the whole story. *drop* It's kinda childish and on top of that it hurts my feelings. It's okay to do it once or twice, but I don't wanna read many things about me THAT often o__O""" Sorry, had to get rid of it _._

BUT I have some things to cheer me up ^^
Collapse )
Hrm... marlenem, I couldn't take a picture of it yet, because my brother has the cam *drop* Will do it tomorrow ^^
So... sleep well <3
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There it is... once again.
And I'm scared. I'm really scared...